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Russia strikes Odesa, damaging museum and injuring 8

KYIV: Russian strikes overnight in the southern Ukrainian region of Odesa left eight people wounded and damaged a historic art museum, Ukrainian officials said on Monday (Nov 6), in the latest barrage of drones and missiles.

Images released by officials from inside the Odesa Fine Arts Museum showed art ripped from the walls of the 19th-century building and windows blown out by the aerial bombardment.

Deputy foreign minister Emine Dzheppar said Kyiv was “deeply outraged” by the attack and urged the United Nations’ Paris-based heritage agency UNESCO to condemn the strike.

Kyiv said earlier that Russian forces had launched four missiles and nearly two dozen attack drones from occupied regions of the country in the south overnight.

Ukraine’s military downed 15 drones and one of the missiles, it said in a statement.

The gallery said on social media the attack had occurred on the museum’s 124th birthday and the facility would be closed until further notice.

The governor of the Odesa region, Oleg Kiper, said most of the collection had already been removed during the war.

“Canvases and paintings from the current exhibition were not damaged,” he added on social media.

A woman who lived in a nearby building said she and her family were away during the strike but their home had been damaged.

“God led us away. We’ll see what happens in the flat next. Out of five windows, I have none left,” the woman, who gave her name only as Svitlana, told AFP.


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Interior Minister Igor Klymenko meanwhile said the overnight attacks had also damaged 20 residential buildings and infrastructure facilities.

Eight people were wounded in the Odesa region, he said.

Kiper also said that the strikes had ignited fires at warehouses and on trucks carrying grain but the flames had been extinguished.

Fears are building in Ukraine that Moscow will again launch systematic attacks on energy facilities as it did last winter, leaving millions without regular heating or light.

The overnight strikes also targeted the southern region of Kherson.

Kherson governor Oleksandr Prokudin posted footage of a five-storey building with most of its windows shattered and its walls partially collapsed.

“It is a miracle that no one was seriously injured,” Prokudin said, specifying that a 54-year-old woman had been wounded.


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Ukraine recaptured large parts of Kherson from Russian forces last year, including the region’s main city, but Moscow still controls swathes of the Black Sea territory.

Kyiv has been urging Western allies to buttress Ukraine’s air defence systems ahead of a feared intensification of Russian strikes during the winter months.

Separately, Ukraine on Monday confirmed that 19 soldiers from the 128th Moutain Assault Brigade had been killed during an attack last week.

Media reports said the attack on Friday took place during an award ceremony in the southern Zaporizhzhia region.

Ukraine’s western Zakarpattia region, where the assault brigade is based, will observe a three-day period of mourning starting on Monday, local governor Victor Mykyta said.

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