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Israel-Hamas war intensifies: Key developments on Day 7

Fighting between Israel and Hamas

Ground offensive expected: Israel’s military on Friday (Oct 13) gave notice for Gaza City’s 1.1 million civilians to evacuate within 24 hours ahead of an expected ground offensive targeting Hamas militants. “Distance yourself from Hamas terrorists who are using you as human shields,” the military said. But a Hamas official urged Palestinians not to fall for what it called “fake propaganda”.United Nations says mass relocation “impossible”: Evacuating 1 million people – about half the Gaza Strip population – was impossible without “devastating humanitarian consequences”, the UN said, urgently appealing for the order to be rescinded. Air strikes continue to pound Gaza: The Israeli military said it struck 750 military targets in northern Gaza overnight. Hamas says at least 13 Israeli and foreign hostages held in the northern Gaza Strip have been killed in Israeli air strikes in the past 24 hours.

Humanitarian situation

Gaza’s humanitarian crisis deepening: The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said generators at hospitals in Gaza could run out of fuel within hours. The UN World Food Programme (WFP), meanwhile, warned that food and fresh water were running dangerously low. The UN had issued an emergency appeal for US$294 million to address “the most urgent needs” in Gaza and the occupied West Bank, where more than 400,000 Palestinians have fled their homes in recent days.Rising toll: The death toll on both sides continues to rise. More than 1,300 people have been killed in Israel, while Gaza authorities reported more than 1,500 Palestinians have been killed.

International response

Visits to Israel: US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin arrived in Israel on Friday to show solidarity with the country. Austin will also oversee the delivery of some of the security assistance the US is sending to Israel in the wake of Hamas’ surprise attack a week ago. Earlier, Secretary of State Antony Blinken met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying: “We will always be there by your side.”Leaving Israel: Some countries, including the US, have started offering charter flights for their citizens to leave Israel. Japan has arranged for a charter flight to depart Tel Aviv on Saturday. Canada, Brazil, Mexico and several European nations have also launched operations to repatriate their citizens.Protests: The Israel-Hamas conflict has been a divisive issue around the world, sparking protests. Hamas on Friday urged Palestinians to protest against Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. Demonstrations were also due to take place across the Middle East in support of Palestinians. At the same time, Jewish communities in France are planning to gather in solidarity with Israel. Rallies are planned in Rome, Munich, Istanbul, Belgrade and other cities in support of the Palestinians and to protest against the bombing of Gaza.

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