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Woman caught on video arguing with police in hospital charged with moonlighting as hostess

SINGAPORE: A woman who released videos depicting her arguing with a police officer in hospital has been slapped with two fresh charges.

Chinese national Han Feizi, who has been remanded for almost two weeks, was handed the two charges under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act on Tuesday (Oct 24).

The 29-year-old is accused of declaring falsely in her application for a work permit that she would work as a clerk for a company called KDL Elements, when she had no intention of doing so.

Instead, from Aug 1, 2023, to Oct 11, 2023, she moonlighted at various locations as a freelance hostess, charge sheets stated.

Han was first handed six charges on Oct 13, including public nuisance, assaulting a security officer, using abusive language against public service workers or servants and harassment.

The incident in Singapore General Hospital had purportedly taken place after Han had gone there to seek treatment for a foot injury.

She claimed in her videos on Chinese social media platform Douyin that she had waited for three hours at the emergency department without being seen by a doctor after being hit by a car.

She also said that she was refused treatment because she was not a Singapore citizen.

The hospital refuted her claims.

When the police arrived, she allegedly argued with them and took a video of a female police officer and then posted the video on Douyin.


Han has no lawyer. She appeared in court from her place of remand, appearing fresh and wearing large black-rimmed glasses.

She replied at various points to the Mandarin interpreter, saying she still intends to plead guilty to both her old and new charges.

She asked when she could post bail, and the judge told her bail had already been offered at the previous charging.

She said her fingerprints had been taken for bail purposes, but she was later denied bail and had no idea why.

The judge told her the proposed bailor had probably been rejected by the bail centre, and she said she understood.

“Does she want to make another phone call to raise bail?” asked District Judge Lorraine Ho.

“Your honour, may I request to make an overseas call to my home town, because I have credit card debts and my mortgage is due for payment. If I don’t make payment, then I may run into problems,” Han said through the interpreter.

She was told that she could make only local calls, but could convey the message to someone to make the necessary arrangements.

Han then declared she has been in Singapore for more than a month but had no friends or family here.

Asked about the potential bailor she had called, she said she did not remember the person’s number.

Han is set to plead guilty on Wednesday.

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