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Man admits to filming, photographing other men showering, using urinal in commandos' camp, university

SINGAPORE: A man admitted on Monday (Oct 30) to filming and photographing other men showering or relieving themselves in toilets located in a camp for Singapore Armed Forces commandos and at a Singapore university.

Teo Hong Wei, 27, was caught after one of his victims noticed Teo’s phone with its camera lens pointed at him above a cubicle door. 

More than 5,000 compromising photos and over 70 videos of male victims were found in Teo’s possession, involving men at Singapore Management University and in Hendon Camp, where he had previously served his national service. 

Teo pleaded guilty to five charges of voyeurism, with six charges of a similar nature, including one for possessing obscene material, to be taken into consideration when he is sentenced.

The court heard that in 2020, Teo entered male toilets to film and photograph unknown men showering at toilets in Hendon Camp. Teo was a full-time national serviceman then. A supply assistant by vocation, Teo finished his national service in 2021, according to a statement previously issued by the Ministry of Defence. 

Upon entering the toilets, Teo would position his mobile phone above the cubicle door to capture the male victims nude. 

In one incident on Apr 16, 2020, Teo took burst shots of a victim showering in a toilet in Hendon Camp. He took a total of 248 photos of the man. On another occasion, on Feb 14, 2020, he took 1,683 burst shots of another man showering at the camp. 

Teo was caught after a victim showering in a toilet at his university spotted Teo’s mobile phone camera directed at him above the cubicle door. 

The victim, a 24-year-old university student, shouted and exited his cubicle, but the perpetrator had fled. The victim lodged a police report on Feb 2, 2021. 

Closed-circuit television footage placed Teo near the exit of the toilet and he was arrested on Feb 16, 2021. His mobile phone was found to have 5,365 photos and 72 videos of men showering and relieving themselves at urinals and in toilet cubicles. His laptop also contained 187 similar photographs and 16 videos.

Teo’s lawyer Joyce Khoo said she had filed character references to give the court a “glimpse into the kind of person (her) client is”. 

“He did make mistakes and he is taking full responsibility for his actions,” said Ms Khoo. 

“Unfortunately, he committed the offences while suffering from a mental condition that he is actively seeking help for,” the lawyer added without revealing the condition. She urged District Judge Carol Ling to call for a report to assess her client’s suitability for mandatory treatment order. 

If found suitable, an offender will undergo psychiatric treatment instead of serving a jail term.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Grace Chua did not object to the report, adding that the prosecution is reserving its sentencing position.

District Judge Ling called for a mandatory treatment order suitability report and adjourned the case to Jan 8.

For voyeurism, Teo faces a jail term of up to two years, and a fine, or caning. 

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