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Foreign YouTuber apologises after free-riding Japan trip

TOKYO: A YouTuber with 2.4 million subscribers apologised on Tuesday (Oct 24) after a video of him and three others free-riding around Japan became the latest example of fame-seeking foreigners riling locals.

The YouTuber known by the username Fidias posted a video over the weekend of the four riding trains and buses around Japan – in some cases without paying.

In the video, Fidias hides in the toilet of a bullet train, pretends to be ill when confronted by a ticket collector, and then escapes to board another train where he pulls the same trick.

Another clip shows him entering a hotel and pretending to be a guest in order to get free breakfast.

“I just (got) access to a five-star Japanese buffet. And we’re leaving the hotel without getting caught and without any problem,” he triumphantly tells the camera.

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