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Schumer notes 'serious engagement' with China's Xi during Beijing visit

BEIJING: United States Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said on Tuesday (Oct 10) that there had been “serious engagement” during a meeting between a visiting bipartisan US congressional delegation and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The visit aims to advance US economic and national security interests ahead of a potential summit between Xi and US President Joe Biden next month.

The United States and China are at odds over issues from Taiwan to trade, fentanyl and human rights. Biden has taken steps to restrict China’s access to sensitive US technology while at the same time seeking to keep communication channels open.

“There was serious engagement with President Xi and others,” Schumer said during a briefing at the Beijing residence of US Ambassador Nicholas Burns.

“We need to get results,” Schumer said, adding that “there seems to be a difference” in China’s current posture compared to previous engagement with US officials.


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The United States last week announced actions against Chinese companies and individuals as it targets the trafficking of the deadly drug fentanyl, a major sticking point in US-China relations.

Schumer and other senators on the visit said they pressed Chinese officials on the issue.

Schumer said he “asked Xi to appoint a senior official on the China side” responsible for fentanyl, adding that “they said they would look into that”.

Republican Mike Crapo, co-leader of the visit, said that the meetings had been “remarkably successful”.

“We were candid and frank but respectful,” he told journalists. “We want the engagement to continue.”

Schumer said on Monday that he urged Xi to support Israel after last Saturday’s deadly attacks by Hamas, adding he was “disappointed” that Beijing showed “no sympathy” for the country over the weekend.

In response, China’s foreign ministry urged “relevant parties” to end hostilities and advocated “implementing the two-state solution”.

During Monday’s meeting, Xi said that “competition and confrontation are not in line with the trend of the times”, according to a Chinese state media readout.

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