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North Korea's Kim shares letters with Russia's Putin, wishes victory over 'imperialists'

SEOUL: North Korea leader Kim Jong Un exchanged letters with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday (Oct 12), vowing to advance their ties and wishing him victory over what he called hegemony and pressure from imperialists, Pyongyang’s state media KCNA said.

The letters mark the 75th anniversary of bilateral relations and came about a month after Kim’s rare trip to Russia during which he and Putin discussed military cooperation, including North Korea’s satellite programme, and the war in Ukraine.

In his letter, Kim said he was extremely satisfied with their “candid, comprehensive” discussions during the visit. He pledged to further develop relations to a “new height” and wished Putin good luck in resisting Western pressure over Ukraine.

“I hope that the Russian people, who have set out to build a strong nation, will always achieve only victory and glory in their struggle to protect the country’s sovereignty, dignity, security and peace by crushing the imperialists’ persistent hegemonic policy and anti-Russia scheme to isolate and stifle it,” Kim said.

Putin, in his message to Kim, said their recent meeting was more evidence of developing ties.

“I am convinced that to implement the agreements will contribute to further expanding the constructive bilateral cooperation for improving the well-being of the peoples of the two countries and ensuring security and stability in the Korean peninsula and Northeast Asia as a whole,” he said.

Kim’s visit has stoked US concerns that a revived Moscow-Pyongyang axis could bolster Russia’s military in Ukraine and provide Kim with missile technology banned under UN resolutions.

Washington has accused has accused North Korea of providing weapons to Russia for its war in Ukraine, including artillery shells, shoulder-fired rockets and missiles.

Pyongyang and Moscow have denied any arms transactions but promised to deepen defence cooperation.

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